One connection, multiple possibilities.

Our Stone range brings ultimate
connectivity and power to your computer.


Featuring up to 11 ports of power. Expand your workspace by connecting hard drives, monitors, networks, memory cards and digital audio devices.


Whether it be Thunderbolt™3, USB-C 3.0, Dual Displays @4K 60 Hz, Single Display @5K 60 Hz, multiple port expansion, Windows or macOS - we have a solution for you.


Functionality isn’t everything. The Stone range is where power & design meet to create a range of highly functional products with a minimalistic design to complement your desktop.

Find the hub that works for you

Browse our selection of docks for Mac and Windows. Click on the product to learn more.

Stone Pro

For the pro macOS & Windows users with two awesome displays.

Dual 4K Displays. Thunderbolt™ 3 Speeds. 11 Ports.

Compatibility: macOS & Windows

Monitor Support: Dual

Display Output: DisplayPort and Thunderbolt™ 3

Speeds: Thunderbolt™ 3

Stone II

For the everyday macOS & Windows user with one awesome display.

Single 4K Display. HDMI Out. USB-C Speeds. 7 Ports.

Compatibility: macOS & Windows

Monitor Support: Single

Display Output: HDMI (4K)

Speeds: USB-C

Stone Lite

For the everyday Windows user where two displays are better than one.

Dual 4K Displays. HDMI Out. USB-C Speeds. 5 Ports.

Compatibility: Windows

Monitor Support: Dual

Display Output: MST Dual (4K @ 60Hz) or Single (4K @ 60Hz)

Speeds: USB-C

What's a docking station?

Ever wish you didn’t have to choose between the portability of a laptop and the expansion capabilities of a desktop computer? With a docking station, you don’t have to compromise. Our Stone range is for those who want to expand their laptop’s connectivity and increase its capability.

How does it work?

A docking station is essentially a dedicated device that allows you to power your computer, plug in monitors, connect to a wired network, and much more - all from a single connection point.

What are the benefits?

Our Stone range is simple, elegant, and extremely powerful.

  • Connect all of your devices at once.
  • Less cable clutter, more desk space.
  • Reduce stress and tension on your computer ports.
  • Up to 87 W of power to work with utmost efficiency.

“We are very pleased with this product! I allows more room on the desk and to charge many items at the same time.”

Stone - William B.

“I bought a Brydge keyboard for my iPad and it is amazing. So I thought I’d buy their Stone adapter for my MacBook Pro and as expected - it’s amazing!”

Stone - Ryan T.

“Slim design, quick to set up, and works flawlessly. A great edition to the home office!”

Stone Pro - Garrison B.

“Exceptional device. Outstanding quality I have rarely seen. Truly plug and play, from computer power to 4D HD display and USB-C and Thunderbolt connected devices.”

Stone Pro - Elizabeth L.

“I plug all my cables into the doc (including both of my Thunderbolts displays) and use one cable from the doc that goes to my Macbook. I love how clean my setup is now!!”

Stone Pro - Kevin T.

“Being able to consolidate everything onto a single cable- my dual monitors, ethernet, input power... while simultaneously adding fast USB-A and USB-C charging ports, has felt delightful.”

Stone Pro - Ben W.